During campaign season, billionaire businessman Mark Cuban was firmly in the Hillary Clinton camp and not at all shy about trolling Donald Trump, so it’s no surprise he’s on board with the idea that the Trump campaign colluded with Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

However, in an lengthy Twitter thread posted Saturday, Cuban posited his theory that Trump himself is in no way detail-oriented enough to have planned a conspiracy of this size; instead, he remained relatively ignorant of the whole thing while it unfolded around him.

Cuban even wraps up the whole thread with an open-ended, “Feel free to agree or disagree.”

One word Cuban managed to leave out of all 13 tweets is “Hillary,” although she was most certainly the subject of that “coordinated misinformation” he mentions in Tweet 10.

He’s still going on today (no, literally today) about Russia costing Clinton the election, but Cuban’s thread reminds us of Hillary super-fan Peter Daou’s December tweet claiming that Russian tampering was responsible for any suspicions American citizens had about her trustworthiness and likability.

Whenever anyone goes on at length about what Russia supposedly was doing during the campaign, note how they never mention what the Clinton camp very obviously wasn’t doing during the campaign.

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