Mashable reports that London-based Smith & Sinclair has introduced a limited edition “Trump Sucks” lollipop, proceeds of which will go to the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Seriously, that wouldn’t even be clever if high schoolers hadn’t months earlier come up with the idea of selling hand-made “vagina lollipops” to raise money for Planned Parenthood … though the kids were keeping half the proceeds for themselves.

Even though they’re based in the U.K., it’s nice that they still refer to Trump as Mr. President, which is more than some Americans can bring themselves to do.

Both Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have reportedly benefited from a huge spike in private donations since the election, which is good to keep in mind as the tears begin to flow (again) for Big Bird and his fellow employees at HBO.

Like those undercover videos revealed, it takes a special technique to know exactly where to “crunch” to preserve the most valuable parts.

Seriously, though … as Twitchy reported, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington managed to build its “swanky (and smart)” new headquarters with $19.7 million in private donations, not that long after Planned Parenthood secured $737,000 from New York City, $250,000 from New York State, and $121,000 from Queens to put toward its $9 million “bright new world” of streaming daylight and Easter-egg pastels.

Rather than buy into the panic about women being denied access to health care, let Katy Perry and Panic! At The Disco worry about Planned Parenthood’s funding crunch … or crunch funding.

* * *