Remember soon after the November election when Christiane Amanpour rallied her colleagues in the media to wake up and “commit to real reporting” after that eight-year nap, now that both journalism and democracy were in “mortal peril”?

Journalists certainly have been busy, at least on social media, where they can crank out vitally needed information without the delay a second thought would require. For example, President Trump spoke briefly Wednesday at a women’s empowerment panel, where the key takeaway seemed to be that he knew, or claimed to know, who Susan B. Anthony was.

LOL! Someone at The Hill had better publish a feature story on Chelsea Clinton’s deep knowledge of American history by 6 p.m. or we’ll be deeply disappointed.

Hold on a second; it seems the president said something immediately after that comment … let’s listen in.

So are we to believe the president was joking around? BuzzFeed’s David Mack has video of the comment, and like he says, it certainly looks like Trump was just joking around … if you are willing to pay attention for literally a second longer.

So there are one or two journalists who can recognize sarcasm when they hear it. Maybe it’s possible, then, that when the Hillary Clinton campaign ripped into Trump that time he “actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage” on his opponent … he was being sarcastic?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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