We’re so old, we remember (last May) when the White House set up a photo op to demonstrate the tremendous stress the Senate’s refusal to take up the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland was having on the nation’s civics teachers, who had to face classrooms of children every day and explain why there were only eight justices seated. The tears running down their little faces … and their students’ faces too. It must have been unbearable.

And yet, in 2017, even some of the same senators who had voted previously to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch are now issuing statements explaining why they can’t approve his appointment to the Supreme Court.

Many Democrats, like Sen. Martin Heinrich, are saying they just can’t vote to confirm Gorsuch until this whole Russian whatever it is — the hacking of our democracy to some — is cleared up.

It’s almost like it’s some kind of talking point on which they’ve all agreed.

TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer doesn’t seem to buy the idea that the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling precludes the Senate from confirming Gorsuch, which got him into hot water.

Whoa, Scherer is a Trump normalizer? That’s low … Democrats are supposed to go high.

No mechanism for revisiting? Even if, as George Takei suggested, the result of the investigation determines the entire 2016 election null and void? What about Sally Kohn’s super-straightforward five-step plan to get from where we are now to President Hillary Clinton? What about that two-step plan leading to a re-vote? What if the U.S. instituted martial law until everything was sorted out?

Wow, touchy. Guys, she lost.

* * *