The fact that Conservative Member of Parliament Kellie Leitch sent out a fundraising email featuring a photo of her firing a gun would have been problematic in itself, but with the help of experts from two national firearms associations, the Hill Times on Tuesday identified Leitch’s firearm as a piece of … Nazi-era hardware.

In a piece running just short of a thousand words, the Hill Times reported that Leitch was firing a 9mm Walther P-38, though her campaign “did not return The Hill Times’ request for further comment on the origin of the gun, or the message intended by including the photo in the email.”

Wink, wink … it’s pretty obvious why her campaign chose the photo of her firing “the issue sidearm of the German Army (Wehrmacht) throughout World War II.”

Another expert consulted noted that thousands of Canadian servicemen brought back P-38s as war trophies, which makes them even more badass.

What message is this tweet intended to send, anyway? Suspicious …

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