Get those marching shoes broken in now, because everyone in America is going to feel compelled to march against something in April, or so it seems.

The organizers of the March for Science settled on Earth Day for their walk through D.C. and other cities around the country, and if that doesn’t solve the climate change problem, maybe the Climate March the following weekend will.

People’s Climate, which will hold the march for “climate, jobs, and justice” in Washington, held a warm-up Tuesday in front of the Environmental Protection Agency, where President Trump was signing an executive order rolling back some Obama-era policies.

People’s Climate was determined to show Trump and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt what they were up against, and it looked like this:

To be fair, that was just the matinee performance; a 5 p.m. rally is scheduled in front of the White House. Still, when the protesters claim in a tweet that they’re “more than 45,” well …

* * *


Here’s a peek at the 5 p.m. rally in front of the White House.

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