One problem with boycott campaigns like the anti-Trump #GrabYourWallet effort is that eventually, you realize that none but the smallest of businesses can possibly meet all of your standards.

We realize that big businesses now have entire social media departments and they try to capitalize on current events however they can, but something just seems wrong about Delta subtweeting United Airlines following Sunday’s widely publicized non-controversy, #LeggingsGate.

As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post picked up the story, which originated with a tweet by Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts.

What story, exactly? Two teen girls who were flying for free as part of the airline’s employee and family program were not allowed on a flight because their outfits didn’t comply with United’s dress code policy for company benefit travel. Big deal, right?

#LeggingsGate became a big deal after celebrities including Patricia Arquette, Chrissy Teigen, and Sarah Silverman, got in on the act and went after the airline, with Silverman claiming she was already re-booking all flights on her upcoming tour.

Delta on Monday afternoon thought they’d capitalize on all the attention with a subtweet of United.

Again, Delta’s social media people are just doing what they do. But those who knew the context wanted to know if non-paying passengers had any special wardrobe guidelines.

Yeah, we know … as your outerwear.

That’s exactly what this about; it’s not nearly the fuel for a feminist crusade so many seem to think it is, but that would require a second or two to investigate what actually happened — who has that kind of time?

Not to mention that Delta also has been burned by social media flare-ups before, like the time celebs like Olivia Wilde and Kal Penn vowed to boycott the “dbags” at racist airline Delta after word spread online that YouTube star and self-described prankster Adam Saleh had been ejected from a Delta flight “for speaking Arabic.”

Let’s hope Sarah Silverman remembered that non-incident when she changed all of the flights due to #LeggingsGate.