In a follow-up to the #March4Trump rallies held across the country earlier this month, supporters of the president scheduled pro-Trump marches again this weekend, and of course, “the resistance” had to do its thing.

The Antifa — “anti-fascists” who cover their faces, wear identical black hoodies, and occasionally resort to violence to shut down speech they find objectionable — were out in force as well.

Joshua Scott Albert of Mass Appeal and Bob Fernandez of the Philadelphia Inquirer were on the scene.

“Any time, any place, punch a Nazi in the face,” the mostly peaceful protesters chanted.

According to, police did cancel the MAGA march due to safety fears; however, the march was back on not much later, after pro-Trump demonstrators argued that they were the ones who had paid for the permits to march, not these folks:

Also joining in was a swarm of (what appears to be mostly) kids on bikes. It’s worth tilting your head sideways for a bit.

This is probably our favorite photo from the event, not for the main subject and his Pepe the Frog sign, but for the reactions from behind, intentional or not; that face palm to the far right says it all.

We had all types st the march!

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Good effort, though: