We have to admit the case against naming Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court started out strong, what with that batch of protesters holding up their signs with “Gorsuch” filled in with marker literally seconds after President Trump named his nominee. Sen. Ben Sasse nailed it:

Despite the fact that many of the Democrats now opposing Gorsuch were involved in his unanimous Senate confirmation in 2006, they’re still trying to derail his confirmation, with some hanging on to the idea that the still-vacant Supreme Court seat was “stolen” from President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.

That idea got some support on Saturday from the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times, which didn’t exactly allege that the seat was stolen …”But how else to describe it?” Hmm … if only there was some precedent to help them understand.

That’s strange; there’s no reference to Joe Biden anywhere in the LA Times editorial about the Republicans “going low” with this “underhanded ploy” to stonewall a nomination.

We forget; who was it who said, “Elections matter”?

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