Where Bloomberg found the technology to tap into Rosie O’Donnell’s brain while she slept and render her recurring nightmare as an animated GIF is unclear, but blame “the first word in business news” for that pulsing, psychedelic face of Trump that continually threatens to creep into your Twitter timeline.

They’re updating New York’s cost to protect “this guy” in real time? And licking psychoactive toads while they’re doing it? We can’t really say we were tempted to stare into President Trump’s face rendered as a pulsating rainbow in the first place, but now we’ve lost interest for sure.

There really ought to be a constitutional amendment requiring presidential candidates to hail from somewhere less expensive.

Just trolling.

We’re waiting on Bloomberg’s next clock to let us know the answer to that one, but while they work on the cool graphic, it’s kind of fun to picture Obama in the Caribbean kitesurfing while flanked by two F-16s and trailed by a decoy ex-president.

If Bloomberg was trying to work up some outrage from Trump supporters, it backfired.

Who hasn’t fantasized about blowing up the White House while on stage in front of a massive crowd on the National Mall?

* * *


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