Things might very well heat up later as Charles Murray (hopefully) takes the stage as scheduled at Columbia University to deliver a speech on what he calls the cultural divide between America’s “new” upper class and lower class.

So far, only the early bird contingent seems to have assembled in front of the school, chanting about racism and genocide.

Um, he’s not hiding. He’ll be there in person.

(Did that one protester really spell “pseudoscience” correctly after managing to screw up “racist”?)

“No free speech for racists” is exactly the poster we’d carry around outside of a law school if we wanted to be taken seriously.

Hopefully, Murray will speak without incident, people will listen, and then debate the merits of his arguments afterward over soy lattes, although if Murray is allowed to leave campus without anyone getting hurt, the night will be a relative success.

Very reserved credit is due to a large number of faculty who co-signed a tedious statement that took about 55,000 words to get to the point: “We believe strongly in the right of student groups to invite speakers of their choice to campus.” They’d prefer someone other than Murray, just so they’re clear.

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