We’re old enough to remember when George Takei’s Twitter feed was actually fun to read, regardless of your political persuasion; there’s a reason the man was able to amass literally millions of followers. Sadly, it looks like the “Star Trek” actor’s feed will remain utterly joyless until he finally gets his wish: President Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, no.

Like so many other progressives, though, Takei really seems to think there’s some path that will lead from President Trump’s impeachment to Hillary’s inauguration. No wonder the Democrats were so up-in-arms over SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch declaring he was an originalist; he probably thinks there’s some amendment or something that would make Mike Pence president even though Hillary got more votes.

In any case, Takei seems optimistic that CNN’s big scoop about U.S. officials having inconclusive information that suggests further investigation might reveal that associates of the president possibly might have colluded with the Russians is going to pan out and force that election do-over everyone’s been hoping for.

That’s … sniff … beautiful, but #WorldPoetryDay was yesterday.

How about this deal, since we’re just making stuff up at this point? If Hillary and Barack Obama and Susan Rice hadn’t conspired to cover up a deadly terrorist attack, the 2012 election certainly would have gone the other direction. Mitt Romney is the president.

OK, let’s. On the count of 3. One … two …

All right, we might need a little help with how that works.

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