As Twitchy reported, Sen. Dick Durbin was chewed up and spit out by Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing Tuesday after his secret weapon — a letter written by a former student of Gorsuch — turned out to be a dud.

NPR was on top of it, reporting on the student’s charge that Gorsuch had suggested to his students at the University of Colorado Law School that some women use maternity leave to game the system, so to speak. NPR’s (original) headline pretty much said it all:

NPR Gorsuch headline Take 1

Not only did Gorsuch deny suggesting any such thing; another student who attended the same class stepped forward in his defense, forcing NPR to add an editor’s note that read, in part: “Since this story was first published, we have added material from another former student and former law clerks of Gorsuch, as well as more information about Jennifer Sisk’s political affiliations.”

What’s this about Sisk’s political affiliations? It turns out that Gorsuch’s former student worked as a staffer for former Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado as well as the Interior Department during the Obama administration.

Looks like it might be time for a headline change as well:


So, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to run with one student’s (mis)interpretation of what happened in class last spring because she was offended?

Looking for your own Sandra Fluke moment … on purpose? Sad!