While the keen political minds over at Cosmopolitan are trying to convince readers that “no one is really an originalist,” the rest of the media and pretty much everyone else is busy proving that no one is very original anymore.

Wait no longer! No one expected Sen. Ted Cruz to use his time to pepper Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch with gotcha questions, certainly, but the friendly exchange between the two inspired a race to see who could be first to run with the “find a man…” meme. We certainly weren’t the only ones who noticed, but estimates vary on how many thousand people made the joke.


Was it even funny the first time?

OK, gross, but we’ll grant style points for mixing it up a bit.

OK, going by the time stamps on the tweets, that looks like a tie, although MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes is crushing the competition in likes and retweets.

And these are just the blue checkmarks.

We’ll confess: even though it was probably best for everyone to turn down the pressure cooker for even a few minutes, the exchange between Cruz and Gorsuch was perhaps a little too cordial considering the venue.

But if their back-and-forth made progressives nauseous, consider it payback for conservatives having to endure the shameless, never-ending love affair between the media and “the notorious RBG.”



* * *


Man crush: confirmed.

* * *