The resistance never sleeps, but as Twitchy reported, it does indulge in a weekend time-out now and then so its members can “reflect and resist” and maybe sober up after St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a strange time for the resistance. Just think: only days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Rosie O’Donnell let it be known that she fully supported imposing martial law in order to delay Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, and now Trump’s opponents have pretty much handed the reins to the not-so-able cast of Saturday Night Live.

Speaking of things that aren’t funny, those pre-inauguration concerns that President Trump would immediately seize all power don’t seem to have faded completely. Richard Engel of NBC News tweeted this tidbit Monday:

So an unnamed senior official somewhere in the federal government passed along a vague outline of his concern over what Trump would do following a major event; that’s not much to go on, but more than enough to set off the resistance.

Trump is so devious, though, he’s trying to sign a temporary travel ban into effect that the experts are certain will inflame terrorists worldwide, while the resistance is doing all it can to prevent that from happing by mobbing airports and holding up “Let them in!” signs to ensure people from all countries are allowed to enter indiscriminately.

Remember when everyone had a fit when “Queen of Nice” Rosie O’Donnell declared her support for martial law in early January? We don’t.

The classics never do go out of style, do they? Certainly there were those who were afraid Obama was going to do whatever it took to hold onto power, and instead he went  kitesurfing in the Caribbean with Richard Branson.

Good luck getting ready for war with an armory full of pussy hats and safety pins.

OK, never mind.

Mark it: Twitter user “Stars Tinkle” called a Trump power grab from the beginning.

A lot of credible experts … and Stars Tinkle.

This could go on and on, so before it does: is there anyone responding to Engel’s tweet who’s not taking it a confirmation of armageddon?

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