It was just a month ago that the New Republic ran a piece by Dr. Steven Beutler theorizing that President Trump’s “bizarre, volatile behavior”might be attributable to untreated neurosyphilis, which some also believe afflicted Hitler, Mussolini, and Ivan the Terrible.

“The importance — both to Trump and the nation — of establishing or ruling out this diagnosis cannot be understated, because this infection is treatable,” Beutler wrote.

Trump took a pass on that request, but maybe Beutler just wasn’t asking the right way. Deepak Chopra was nothing but polite in his request, assuring President Trump that a battery of tests would go a long way toward restoring the nation’s confidence in his leadership ability.

We have to give Chopra points for being polite. If you’re going to accuse the president of being brain impaired, there really is no kinder way to do it.

Still, we say this without trepidation: There’s not one damn member of “the resistance” who’s going to feel one bit differently about the president or his policies no matter what he does … EVER.

And while we’re on the subject: Trump won the election, and not because 63 million Americans thought they’d take a chance on a candidate they suspected had brain impairment. Despite the concerted efforts of writers, educators, sociologists, and others, some citizens remained unconvinced that wearing mom jeans and being described by your wife as “swagalicious” were hallmarks of leadership.

Oh, he’s serious.

If Chopra still feels the need to have someone tested for mental impairment and perhaps the effects of untreated STDs … we can think of a few candidates.