It’s always a pleasure to hear from the grandfather of fake news, and Dan Rather has a message for the country so important it couldn’t be squeezed into a tweet.

Instead, Rather published a lengthy Facebook post Monday advising all praying people to pray for the future of the country following today’s testimony from FBI Director James Comey. Apparently, he’s suddenly concerned about the effect a “big and unproven allegation” could have on the nation’s trust in a Republican president.

Sure he’s a legendary journalist, but we’re going to go ahead and say it: Rather’s Facebook post is a hot mess. The best part, of course, is when Mr. Fake But Accurate insists that the country exercise both patience and persistence and “let the facts point the way.” Facts!

Here’s the final paragraph of Rather’s post, in which he tells Americans to expect regular headlines about the Kremlin (um, were’s he been?) while noting at the same time that any collusion between Trump and Russia “remains a big and unproven allegation.” So, brace yourselves for more fake news as usual.

Expect regular headlines about the Kremlin in your daily news feeds. For those of you old enough to remember the Cold War, this may seem like deja vu. But the nature of the threat is fundamentally different. In those days, there was a united front against Russian interference, overt or covert. Now there are serious and credible allegations about whether those close to Mr. Trump may have been colluding with the Kremlin. Colluding with the Kremlin, sounds like a spy novel, but it remains a big and unproven allegation. Let the facts point the way. And I hope men and women of all political faiths can rally to support the continual functioning of government in these surreal and dangerous times.

Turns out Rather managed to stir up quite the theological debate: maybe it was the prayers of evangelicals that were responsible for the election of Trump, who might be the devil and proof that God is not a loving god.

Good talk.

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