It’s difficult to believe it’s already March, particularly since such a large percentage of the population seems stuck back in November. We’re nowhere near as anxious to revisit 2016 as are the members of “the resistance,” but it’s good for a chuckle now and then to look back and remember just how very, very wrong the mainstream media managed to get everything.

The truly evergreen tweet of 2016 has to be Hillary Clinton lecturing America on how dangerous it was to even hint of not accepting the result of the election, but another of our favorites comes from CNN’s Brian Stelter, who insisted that any violence after Election Day could be traced back to “the hatred dripping out of [Donald Trump’s] mouth” during a paranoid, dangerous speech in Florida that was driven with hatred and contempt.

Oh, there was violence after Election Day all right. The election results came in so late, though, that Trump supporters in Portland were still rioting days later when they finally got word that Trump had won. Or, it’s possible those were Hillary’s people who were smashing car windows and hurling flaming debris at riot police.

All of this ignores the fact that there was no shortage of violence before the election, either, but a federal judge ruled this week that Trump supporters who were ambushed by a mob in San Jose won’t be ignored by the city.

KCBS reported this week that federal judge Lucy Koh gave the green light to a lawsuit against the city by Trump supporters who allege police did nothing to protect them outside of a rally where an anti-Trump mob had gathered.

The city’s mayor said last year the lawsuit was baseless, but then again, this was his reaction to the violence in his city at the time — and eyewitness reports from reporters on the scene left no question that the situation was out of hand.

The police department also issued a statement explaining that they didn’t want to risk making the violence any worse by, you know, doing their jobs.

If federal judges are going to block President Trump’s executive orders based on things he said on the campaign trail, let’s hope that statement by the police about “weighing the need” to protect citizens has just as much influence in this case.

* * *