It’s been months since the poll was taken, but it appears that Canada still enjoys a favorability rating higher than any other option respondents were given, and that 75 percent favorable rating likely climbed even higher following the election.

At Twitchy reported, the refugees to whom Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended a warm welcome in the form a subtweet of President Trump are streaming north into border towns that weren’t prepared with either the budget or the infrastructure to house, clothe, and feed them.

ABC News reported Wednesday on the more than 2,000 people who crossed the border into Canada in January and February, following the “Underground Railroads” that lead from Trump’s America to the Great White North.

Immigration attorney Marc Prokosch told ABC News he advises his clients not to head north. Not only is it dangerous to travel in the cold of the winter, he believes: “There is, in my view, no imminent threat to these individuals.” Refugees, however, see things differently and are crossing the border in Canada at a remarkable rate.

One Somali refugee whose successful trek to Canada began in Minneapolis told ABC News that “the U.S. used to be a ‘good country’ but now it’s ‘the worst country in the world.'”

We’ll miss that guy.

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