As the whole country knows by now, Rachel Maddow beclowned herself in such spectacular fashion on Tuesday night’s broadcast with her big scoop regarding President Trump’s taxes that even Geraldo Rivera finally decided he could point and laugh at someone else’s “Al Capone’s vault moment” in good conscience.

It’s might not be the ratings bonanza that the false promise of Donald Trump’s tax returns was, but maybe Maddow should consider retreating for a bit to less sensational but more familiar progressive ground. For a while there, she was tweeting up a storm about Congress voting to pass “a rule **specifically for** mentally ill people to get guns.”

Of course that’s untrue, as plenty of people familiar with the issue pointed out at the time. And now that veterans also find themselves at risk of losing their Second Amendment right to bear arms without due process, she can fall in with the likes of former General and CIA director David Petraeus, who, with a coalition of retired admirals and generals calling themselves the Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, is opposing the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, which the House is expected to take up this week.

As if it had to be said again, the issue at hand is due process. As USA Today reports, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act “would prevent the Department of Veterans Affairs from reporting veterans’ records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System after they’ve been deemed incapable of managing their financial affairs because of a disabling mental disorder.”

Again, someone tell Maddow (and Cher and Bette Midler) that receiving assistance with financial affairs is hardly an indicator that one is seriously mentally ill or prone to criminal acts.

Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, a spin-off of gun control group Americans For Responsible Solutions, wrote an open letter to House and Senate leaders opposing the Act, which they say “comes at a time when an average of 20 veterans commit suicide each day, two-thirds of whom do so by using a firearm.”

Preventing suicides is a noble goal, but it’s a terrible excuse for keeping a rule that hasn’t even been shown to reduce suicides on the books. As Bob Owens writes at Twitchy’s sister site Bearing Arms:

Both this attack on veterans by Obama and a similar one on Social Security recipients were blanket bans on the ownership of firearms by Americans simply because someone else is responsible for managing their money. In neither circumstance were affected individuals given due process to defend their rights as individuals.

Maybe Petraeus and his other failed former military allies are fine with collective punishment of people without a trial, but real Americans are not.

According to USA Today, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act would force the FBI to purge more than 174,000 records of “mentally ill” veterans who require fiduciary assistance.

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