As Twitchy reported, the ACLU this weekend coordinated thousands of “People Power” resistance-training events across the country and announced the rollout of its “Freedom Cities” campaign … maybe the term “sanctuary cities” wasn’t testing well with focus groups and needed rebranding.

On its website, the ACLU cited two recent and highly publicized arrests by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that it attributed to “Trump’s henchmen.” It’s hard to imagine ICE agents think of themselves as henchmen, and as we’d said before, it’s fallen almost entirely on the agency to publicize the work it does, unless progressives can frame an arrest as a sob story that leaves sensitive souls like Chelsea Clinton at a loss for words.

Guess what: Trump’s henchmen are not only making arrests; they’re admitting it, as if they thought they were taking criminals off the streets or something.

In a release issued Tuesday, ICE reported that it had arrested 248 foreign nationals in a two-week period in an operation that targeted Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. Of that total, 120 had a conviction and/or pending charges, and 50 had been removed from the country previously and re-entered illegally.

Sure, Clinton was among countless people who found it “horrible” and “unconscionably terrible” that ICE agents arrested a woman at a courthouse where she had gone to file a domestic abuse report against an allegedly abusive boyfriend. How long until she thanks ICE for picking up a 22-year-old male citizen of Gambia who reportedly assaulted his girlfriend and attempted to stuff her into a hot oven during a domestic dispute?

While we’re on the subject, any feminists want to weigh in on this one?

In its release, ICE called out Philadelphia specifically for failing to honor detainers.

By the way, ICE’s scolding of Philadelphia probably wasn’t intended to inspire other sanctuary cities to try even harder to shelter criminals. Looking at you, San Francisco.

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