As Twitchy reported, on hearing that someone had smuggled Donald Trump’s tax returns to Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, the forces of the resistance were dancing around Tuesday night like Ewoks celebrating the death of the galactic emperor.

Despite a couple of follow-up tweets that seemed intended to lower sky-high expectations while ensuring that ratings bump, people were glued to their TVs to find out what secrets would possibly end up in the history books as having taken down Trump at last.

Not even a half-hour into the broadcast, and Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary was already advising Democrats to drop the whole thing and pivot back to telling the American public that the Obamacare replacement will result in millions of people losing insurance by no longer being forced to buy it.

It looks like people forgot for a minute just how boring tax returns and Maddow can be. After a windup that had many experiencing flashbacks to Geraldo Rivera stalling while workers drilled into Al Capone’s empty vault, viewers were left wondering if Trump hadn’t leaked the tax return himself, seeing as he came across looking pretty good.

OK, so Trump had to have leaked these himself, right?

Excuse us … why are you watching this? We’re watching everyone else react to it, and it’s much more fun.

Sorry, Rosie.

MSNBC’s choice to hype its half-hour broadcast of deflating balloon sound effects was enough to make people nostalgic for the last time a leaked tax return was going to take down Trump.

So be sure to stay tuned right here in case some of it turns up for real, OK?