As Twitchy reported, Sen. Cory Booker is at the SXSW Conference this weekend, where he’s spending a lot of time talking about love; in particular, the civic gospel and we all share and the “conspiracy of love” that is assuming human form this weekend in Austin.

Booker also stopped by Mashable’s media setup for a bit to talk with Bert from Sesame Street, who’s apparently gone stag this weekend and wasn’t about to get into details.

A lot of people are reporting that Booker and Bert had a conversation about freedom that threatened to delve into the concept of negative liberties, but to be honest, Booker did most of the talking.

Bert didn’t say; maybe his imaginary friend is hanging out with Booker’s imaginary friend for the weekend:

Video of the exchange follows, but as Mashable reported, Bert was blown away by Booker’s recent thoughts on true freedom requiring that human beings be liberated from constraints such as poverty, hunger, and fear.

“I think that too many of our young people are growing up in environments of anxiety and worry because they’re afraid of healthcare, they’re afraid of not having enough money to afford the rent,” he went on, to which Bert simply replied, “wow …wow.”

We’re going to go ahead and assume that Booker intended to say that young people are worried about not having health care. He’s certainly not the first politician to make the connection between heath insurance and freedom, however; remember how giddy Rep. Nancy Pelosi was about Obamacare freeing people from job lock and allowing them to follow their true passions in life and become writers and photographers and filmmakers? Hell, they can major in puppetry and put their skills to work at protest marches.

Here’s video, but it cuts off before Booker gets to the part about American taxpayers being freed from subsidizing left-leaning broadcast networks and arts programs.

Was Booker at all put off by Bert’s Nazi haircut? Possibly.

* * *