Oh, come on. Yes, it’s Saturday and a lot of pundits have taken the day off, but that’s OK — better to wait until Monday in hopes of the next big scandal than half-ass some outrage over something that’s been standard procedure your entire lifetime.

As Twitchy reported, the resistance movement has a new hero in the form of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who insisted that he would not resign as requested by the White House and instead force President Trump to fire him.

OK, so everybody knows Donald Trump’s catch phrase is “You’re fired,” right? This is not something Trump finds difficult, nor was his firing a surprise to Bharara or anyone else in America.

We were ready to send off Bharara with a hearty golf clap when we were manterrupted by Barack Obama’s speechwriter and foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes, who thought he’d give a shot at questioning Bharara’s firing … was he bad at his job or something? Or, as many are responding, was he just too good at his job and had to be fired?

Hey, that “one thing I did today for the resistance” motivational calendar isn’t gonna fill itself in.

What? President Obama replaced U.S. Attorneys too? Why didn’t we all hear about it? That must have been chaos.

What was that thing the former boss said?