No offense to Sweet Meteor O’ Death, but the impact of Donald Trump’s Election Day victory was a seismic event like no other and is still being felt four months later, and the ripples are splashing cold water in places we didn’t even know existed. One thing’s certain: a lot of people who were enjoying a warm, cozy life in the federal bureaucracy don’t like the neighborhood anymore.

There’s no easy way to say this, so we’ll just blurt it out: the founder of the EPA’s environmental justice office has quit after decades of doing whatever it was he did.

Yes, that’s a three-page resignation letter, but there’s no need to squint. Here are the highlights:

Losing your job sucks; we’re pretty certain more than a few readers who work in the private sector have been through it. But then again, Ali is resigning, apparently on the assumption that his position is going to be eliminated.

Does that include communities like Flint, Michigan? Because Ali’s tenure easily overlaps the timeline of that city’s water crisis, and now the EPA is facing a $722 million class action lawsuit filed by 1,700 people who blame the agency for doing nothing about contaminated drinking water.

The Sierra Club is devastated; those ripples just keep on spreading.

Would anyone else like to say a few words?

* * *