It’s no surprise that a company as woke as Twitter would do something in honor of International Women’s Day. But someone — we’re begging here — please explain how a company with half the population of the planet to choose from ends up including Lena Dunham in its list of honorees.

We’ve watched in disbelief as Dunham has collected “Woman of the Year” honors from Glamour and was named among 2012’s “Brave Thinkers” by The Atlantic. In a bid to lure hip young millennials, she campaigned, unsuccessfully, for Hillary Clinton.

But sure, take that slot that could have been used to honor any number of leading women in STEM fields and give it to Lena Dunham, because apparently, that’s the law.

She taught a generation of women how to embrace who they are? That’s flat-out ridiculous, and even if there were some truth to it … did she teach a generation of women to embrace who they are, or is she just another cog to the movement that tells women damn well who they’d better be to be considered “real” women?

Actually, that paragraph alone shows just how easy it is to get caught up in overthinking the Dunham effect.

It was nice to see Malala in there, with the ridiculous micro-biography about that time she “was faced with challenges” — you know, like when Dunham was getting grief for dragging Odell Beckham Jr. into the hot mess that is her fantasy life and then going public with it. That was a rough couple of days in the gossip columns.

Then again, maybe Dunham really does deserve credit for, say, inspiring current Oberlin students to have the courage to complain about the cultural appropriation and disrespect shown in the cafeteria’s international offerings. Who can say how many she’s inspired, and in how many different ways … including inducing nausea.

We’ll give credit for including NASA research mathematician Katherine Johnson on its short-list, but come on …

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CNN must have been reminded of its signature on that little “contract” requiring Dunham to be included somewhere in every story. Enjoy.

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