Slate’s “Dear Prudence” podcast has tackled questions about manners that never quite made it to Dear Abby’s newspaper column, such as what to do about your lesbian friend who has an infuriating habit of calling inanimate objects “gay.”

Seeing as it’s not only International Women’s Day but also a #DayWithoutAWoman, Slate likely did men across the United States a huge favor by providing some comforting advice for guys stuck home alone while their life partners are out marching for social justice.

What do you advise a woman whose husband is “scared of the doll his wife made for their daughter”?

OK, we confess we haven’t paid for the subscription to Slate Plus ’cause we were putting that money toward heath insurance, but all the women took the day off we really need to know what we, um, this person, should do.

Feel free to wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and hash it out in the comments section and the woman get home and need the computer back.

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