Our apologies for relying on Google’s translate feature for this one, but sometimes sniffing out fake news in your first language is tough enough. This seems to check out, though.

President Trump took a lot of abuse not so long ago for (not really) referring to a nonexistent terror incident in Sweden, and then took the blame for sparking riots there a day later. It’s probably best if Trump doesn’t Tweet about tonight’s incident in Sweden — who knows what the fallout could be?

Wow, really? If this photo were to go viral, women and plenty of woke men as well certainly would applaud these men for their bravery in the face of gender stereotypes this International Women’s Day.

Apparently these men compose the board of the Building Workers’ Union, and the pussy hats are to symbolize their unhappiness with the gender pay gap (in Sweden!) and to thank those women who defied gender stereotypes themselves to enter the construction field.

That’s not hard to believe at all.

We’d suggest he apply for refugee status in the United States, but why travel all that way only to end up going nowhere?

Condolence letters and cards can be sent to … well, just write Sweden on the envelope, tack on enough postage, and it’ll get there eventually. There’s obviously no rush at this point.

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