As Twitchy reported, more than a few conservative groups made it clear following Monday night’s announcement that they just couldn’t back the proposed replacement for Obamacare when they were promised a full repeal. FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Action, and the Club for Growth all issued statements opposing the plan.

A few legislators headed for microphones Tuesday to voice their opposition to the American Health Care Act as well, some using more colorful metaphors than others.

One in particular, though — his friend Sen. Rand Paul — was named in a tweet sent by President Trump Tuesday evening inviting him to join in supporting the bill.

To be fair, pretty much everyone called everyone else horrible things during the campaign. Sure, it might be better to wait until tomorrow’s “Day Without a Woman” to say this, but … maybe it’s a guy thing? Campaigns are a competition: you play hard, you win or lose, and everyone meets up afterward for beers and hot wings and four to eight years of committee meetings and legislation.

CNN’s Erin Burnett has word that Trump and Paul might see some common ground despite the day’s roster of sounds bites.

Hmm …