Here’s some news you can use if your boss is a cisgender male and you’re considering taking Wednesday off for the “Day Without a Woman.”

If the handy form letter the organizers provided on their website isn’t enough to convince management that a just and fair society depends on your absence, be prepared for some tough negotiations — a new study revealed some “extremely stark” differences in men’s negotiating styles after Donald Trump’s election.

Good thing the Washington Post reported on the study, then.

And when they say “after Trump’s election,” they really mean it; those stark differences were apparent just one week after Election Day, when men and women participated in a simple game that required them to split $20 two ways. What? Who earned the $20? It was given to the participants as part of the study, which will be published under the title, “Trumping Norms” … get it?

Though the researchers said “the data was screaming at us,” further study is necessary to account fully for the more aggressive negotiating behaviors shown by men in November:

[Wharton assistant professor Corinne] Low acknowledges that the study was new in October, so she doesn’t have data going back to compare her results to say, last year; nor does she have data that illustrate whether the change reflects a long-term trend.

“Was this just immediately after the election, people were sort of worked up and it’s going to go away?” she said. “Or is it something that’s shifted and is going to last the entire presidency? Those are new questions we don’t have answers to.”

Sounds legit, right?

So Trump’s election has made men more aggressive negotiators practically overnight? Is there anything his victory in November hasn’t affected?

Oh man, that’s right. Has anyone checked on Barbra Streisand today?