Plenty of black celebrities heaped abuse on HUD Secretary Ben Carson Monday after he addressed staffers and in his remarks included slaves among those immigrants who came to America in hopes of finding prosperity and a better life.

It didn’t take long for intrepid researchers to dig up several instances where President Barack Obama had made a similar claim that slaves “in their own way were immigrants themselves,” but that was well after Carson had shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics, and not in a good way.

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, compiled 11 instances where Obama had made a similar statement before SNL star Leslie Jones got around to taking her shot at Carson.

Carson managed to avoid those embarrassing “undercard” debates during the primary season, but if Jones is going to call him out over this, she’d better be willing to take on Obama next in the main event.

Yeah, to be fair, Dr. Carson did save a few lives before entering politics, but Jones and her team saved the whole world in the “Ghostbusters” remake, so maybe call it a draw?

* * *


It seems Jones needed some time away from social media interaction to fully process her thoughts: