Despite its reputation for spreading fake news, if there’s one thing American citizens can count on the media to provide, it’s loving profiles of refugees, DREAMers, illegal immigrants, and other marginalized people living in the shadows.

These feature-length, anecdote-based, and sometimes outright false biographies not only serve to remind us that these are people just like the rest of us; in many cases, they shame us with proof that refugees and illegals are far better people than the average American.

It doesn’t look as though 18-year-old Oliver Funes-Machado will be the subject of any fawning interviews anytime soon, after police in North Carolina arrested him and charged him with first degree murder for allegedly cutting off his mother’s head with a knife.

Mark Price of the Charlotte Observer notes that ICE has filed a detainer against Funes-Machado, who is originally from Honduras and in the United States illegally. Should he be freed on bond, ICE would then take custody.

Yesenia Funes Beatriz Machado was killed around noon Monday in rural North Carolina. Reports say that “the first deputy on the scene saw the teen walking out of the house, holding the head in one hand and what appeared to be a butcher knife in the other.” Two young girls around age 2 or 3 were home when the beheading took place.