Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics Monday afternoon after news got out that in his first address to HUD staffers, he’d referred to “immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships” but who also held onto a dream of prosperity in America.

President Trump alone has served a hostile public and press more gift-wrapped quotes like that one than we care to defend, but a HUD spokesperson said no one in the room took Carson’s comments the wrong way.

That disclaimer, of course, will have no effect whatsoever on shortening the news cycle surrounding Carson’s controversial comment, but not surprisingly, people came down on Carson hard, including some black celebrities and other blue checkmarks who didn’t mince words … words that would sound unequivocally racist were it not a black conservative who was the target.

That’s a hashtag you don’t see every day.

Let’s get a legal opinion on Carson’s comments from Star Jones.

Ouch. It’s worth noting, though, that Monday certainly wasn’t the first time “black face GOP political minstrel” Carson was called that on social media. It doesn’t take much, frankly.

Maybe Sinbad could provide a more family-friendly take?

Whoopi “Rape Rape” Goldberg kept things in check, reminding Carson that he was talking about slave slaves, not immigrants.

Enjoy the racial epithets now, stay tuned for the week’s worth of think pieces.