As Twitchy reported, a mob shut down a speech by American Enterprise Institute fellow Charles Murray Thursday night at Middlebury College before jumping on and rocking the car taking Murray off campus and injuring a professor in the process.

We promise we’re not stalking Vox’s Matt Yglesias, but we did want to see just how old he is. If the Wikipedia page is correct, he would have been 13 or so when “The Bell Curve” was published and the liberal media went nuts, conducting the nearest they could come to a book burning without actually lighting the thing on fire.

That book alone would have ensured Murray his very own “extremist file” on the SPLC’s web site, and even today, as when it was published, academics and pundits don’t need to read it to know how racist it is.

It’s too bad there can’t be a meeting of the minds over Yglesias’ tweet about campus speakers, but it takes two to tango.

(Look’s like it was memory-holed right before this post was published, so here’s a screen shot.)


This is an unusually obtuse series of responses, considering it’s coming from one of the trained “explainers” at Vox.

Yes, it’s a Clash lyric; well, the first bit about Hitler is — it’s all Yglesias from that point on. In any case, there’s been a misunderstanding, because Murray certainly seemed to think the tweet was inspired by his appearance.

The National Review’s David French found the tweet pretty “amazing” too — as in, amazing someone actually published it on purpose.