After sitting through the official Democratic response to President Trump’s joint address to Congress Tuesday night, quite a few people wondered on social media why the party hadn’t just handed the job to Sen. Bernie Sanders; maybe the pesky fact that he’s not a Democrat?

Still, it was certain that Sanders would have something to say after the well-received address, and on Wednesday he tweeted again how important it is to remember that the American public still doesn’t know if the Trump campaign colluded directly with Russia to influence the 2016 election.  He even included video from a CNN appearance in which he admitted there may not be any evidence … yet.

Van Jones upset quite a few progressives when he said that Trump “became President of the United States” during his address Tuesday night. Come on, dude: real progressives won’t even speak or spell out Trump’s name, let alone admit he’s president.

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein was recently reminded in no uncertain terms that no one’s asking for her opinion on Democratic politics anymore, and Sanders seems destined to follow in her footsteps and overstay his welcome too.

Maybe Bernie should go back and investigate collusion between the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton … no one else seems to have forgotten about it, even if he’d rather talk about Trump and the Russians instead.