President Donald Trump’s first address before a joint session of Congress was big news — big enough for all of the cable news networks to put up their countdown clocks first thing Tuesday and tick off the seconds until it happened.

That left a lot of time during the early evening for pundits to guess what might be in the speech, and for a while on social media, there was quite a bit of buzz among media types and others that Trump’s speech would hint strongly at being open to some sort of compromise on immigration reform.

It didn’t take long for viewers to realize there was no hint at amnesty whatsoever in the address.

So, who was the senior administration source who floated that idea, anyway?

The day after, it was time for Democrats and the news media to come to grips with the seeming fact that they’d been played. Sen. Chris Murphy was among those who accused Trump of lying about the contents of his speech.

Murphy made those comments on CNN, which itself examined the “misdirection play” by the Trump administration.

It certainly seems possible that Trump misled reporters. Being stung by fake news really sucks, doesn’t it?

We’ve got to give MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes credit for managing to see through what had the rest of the media tweeting away.