Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted on Monday released the latest findings from a review of Ohio’s Statewide Registered Voter Database (SWRVD) in search for non-citizens on the voter rolls.

The most recent review of the database found 385 non-citizens registered to vote in Ohio, 82 of whom voted in at least one election. Combined with findings reported in 2013 and 2015, this third pass brings the total of non-citizens identified as registered to vote to 821.

Husted said those identified will be sent two letters requesting that they cancel their registration; those who don’t respond after two attempts will be referred to state and federal law enforcement officials.

Husted’s office adds that since he took office in 2011, Husted has removed more than 541,000 deceased Ohioans from the voter rolls and resolved 1.6 million duplicate registrations.