A quick check of social media makes it clear that Democrats did not want the showdown between Tom Perez and Keith Ellison for party chair to be spun as some sort of proxy battle between Hillary supporters and Bernie Bros, but a lot of Ellison’s backers were felling the burn Saturday after Perez’s victory.

Maybe Dems didn’t want it to look like a proxy race, but it sure did.

Plenty of audience members had “United” placards to wave, and party unity was featured strongly in Perez’s victory speech. Ellison, who will serve as deputy chair of the party, also called for the party to come together.

There certainly were echoes of the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia, though, as factions in the crowd tried to drown out their new chair with a protest chant.

Ain’t no party like a Democrat party.

It took a second vote to reach the threshold of victory, but unfortunately for Ellison, he didn’t pick up a single vote in the second pass. He will, however, serve as deputy chair.

Come on, unify!

Fierce Democrat Jennifer Granholm did her part to begin the healing.