The Washington, D.C. crowd has been on pins and needles for quite a while now regarding the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, also known as #NerdProm. Any other year, of course, journalists would be giddy over the idea of attending the fundraiser with their celebrity guests, but with Donald Trump in office and calling out media outlets over fake news, no one quite knew what to do.

On Friday, it was reported that CNN was “discussing internally” whether to attend. And just a week before that, ABC News’ chief political analyst floated the idea that the dinner be canceled altogether.

Cancel the dinner, boycott it, disinvite the president … what to do? Much of that hand-wringing came after Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Bloomberg had canceled their pre- and post-dinner parties.

Speaking of hand-wringing, President Trump wasn’t doing any Saturday, using his thumbs instead to send his regrets.

So, can the show go on without all the drama now? Is the question of attending no longer a moral dilemma?

Journalists began digging to see just how long it had been since a president had taken a pass on this long-ignored beltway tradition.

President Reagan skipped the dinner, but he had a good excuse, seeing as he’d been shot in an assassination attempt.

How would anyone feel about a fake president attending in honor the great work being done in the field of fake news?


Democracy dines in darkness.

That’s odd: We’d thought the question was: “Who cares?”

That would explain the president doing a stand-up act and those red carpet arrivals of Hollywood celebs, right?

* * *


CBS News’ Mark Knoller drops the mic more often than he gets credit for, so it’s his turn: