The election of Donald J. Trump has already ruined what were certain to be some kick-ass Christmas parties, fashion shows, awards ceremonies, and WHCA dinners under President Hillary Clinton, and now it looks like hairstyles are going to have to adapt to the new political environment or die a horrible death.

At least one report told of women who impulsively cut off their hair and/or dyed it in response to Trump’s election, and there have been more than a couple of articles fretting over the ubiquitous high fade and how it’s been co-opted by the alt-right — a term the AP finally had to define for its reporters in late November seeing as no two writers could agree on what it meant.

Just weeks after the election, both the Washington Post and Esquire was fretting over the alt-right’s adoption of the high fade.

This week, a writer for L.A. Weekly checked in with a barber who confirmed those earlier stories by Esquire and WaPo by tracing the popularity of the hairstyle to none other than rapper Macklemore, whom Barack Obama had tapped to assist in fighting the nation’s opioid epidemic.

If only Hillary had won, going to the barber wouldn’t pose such a moral dilemma. Sure, Macklemore was able to get away with the look, but when he did it, the cut wasn’t called “the Hippler.”

Does anyone really call it “the Hippler”? Earlier this year, when it was Politico Magazine’s turn to devote way too much virtual ink to Richard Spencer, Ben Schreckinger reported that Spencer sported “the alt-right’s signature shaved-side haircut—the ‘fashy,’ as in fascist.”

Maybe what used to be the classic high-and-tight is now called a Hippler on the West Coast and a fashy around the D.C. area — just something to keep in mind before walking into a barbershop in L.A. and asking for the fashy.

* * *