North Carolina had already managed to troll progressive America with its world-famous “bathroom bill” — and yes, it is world famous, inspiring the U.K. to update its travel advisory with a warning for citizens headed across the pond — and now an anonymous person or group is triggering drivers in the state with a billboard.

Caution: The image that follows could be considered triggering.

Whoever bought the billboard space has chosen not to go public, but that won’t stop a group of protesters from staring down that sexist monstrosity this coming Sunday.

The Charlotte Observer reports that a protest led by the owner of a women’s boutique will be a protest against “patriarchy and sexism, and that this antiquated way of thinking about women exists at all.” The organizer stressed that the protest recognizes free speech and the right of the billboard to exist.

There’s a single billboard in the United States referring to —gasp! — “real men,” so of course, look who has to weigh in. We’re not quite sure where Michael Moore found race mentioned anywhere in the space of seven words … he must be using his Super Lib-Vision™ to read between the lines.