Meteorologists in certain parts of the United States this week have been predicting what human beings used to call “unseasonably warm temperatures” but now equate more with the crucifixion of the planet on a cross fashioned of male malevolence and greed.

The fact that for so many it’s just plain nice outside poses a danger to climate alarmists first and foremost; what if people decide they don’t mind a little global warming? Is it possible to enjoy warmer temperatures but still stay woke on an issue that affects not only the human race but the planet itself?

There’s a lengthy essay you might consider reading in a hammock or lawn chair while temperatures allow, but honestly, we hit a roadblock right off the bat, at the very first sentence: “This is not how February is supposed to feel.”

Isn’t it? How is February “supposed” to feel? The earth has been around for, say, 4.5 billion years. Is the earth’s temperature considered “correct” when the majority of people find it not too hot, and not too cold, but just right? We’re no ultra-geniuses like Bill Nye the Science Guy or Clock Kid, but wouldn’t human history suggest that people have adapted to changes in climate, and not the other way around?

If all this has you anxious, fear not: at least one scientist has given the OK to enjoy the weather, even if it is a precursor to impending doom: “if there is something good, then enjoying it doesn’t make [climate change] any better or worse than it would be otherwise.” So … enjoy the nice weekend?