As much as people like to cite the overwhelming scientific consensus that man-made climate change is real, underneath many of those white lab coats is a clown like the Green Party member who sent out a (quickly deleted) tweet blaming that four-minute rain delay during the final game of the World Series on climate change. It should have been snowing in Cleveland on Nov. 3, not raining!

Until recently, even the White House website was running with the claim that 97 percent of scientists agree climate change is man-made, but Bette Midler seems to have taken that whole “man-made” thing literally.

If it’s any comfort, the forecast says that the temperature in Manhattan should dip back down into the 40s by Sunday. Weather’s like that.

Men, man.

It’s reportedly only 44℉ in Vancouver; a private jet could be there in no time.

Stated another way …