Here’s a story told in just three tweets from the Washington Post:

And there you have it. As Twitchy reported, the Wegmans chain of grocery stores had a refreshingly no-nonsense response to the threat of a boycott over the chain’s stocking of wine from the Trump Winery, run by Eric Trump. “How a product performs is our single measure for what stays on our shelves and what goes,” a Wegmans spokesperson told the Democrat and Chronicle.

That’s partly true. As the Washington Post reports, Wegmans didn’t remove Trump wine from its shelves, but customers did — the chain “rapidly sold out of Trump wine at every store in Virginia but one” after the boycott was announced. In addition, Ivanka Trump’s perfume “suddenly jumped to the top spot on the list” of Amazon’s best-selling fragrances.

The real punchline can be found in the first story, a profile of Grab Your Wallet co-founder Shannon Coulter. She told the Post that some unsuccessful boycotts are “just created to punish companies, they’re not created to help them evolve to a more ethical place.” As an expert at leading unsuccessful boycotts, she better than anyone would know.

No, wait … maybe, like the Betsy DeVos confirmation, the utter failure of the boycott is actually a big win for the resistance!

Yep, it’s definitely another big win for the resistance. By all means, carry on.

* * *