One of the news stories sucking up the most oxygen this week is the huge turnout of angry protesters this week at GOP town halls, ambushes that became town halls, and pretend town halls where members of the resistance shouted through bullhorns at empty folding chairs.

President Donald Trump even tweeted about the “so-called angry crowds,” many of which he claimed were planned by liberal activists. Protesters have gone out of their way on social media and elsewhere to deny the charge, holding up signs reading “Unpaid protester” and, at Sen. Tom Cotton’s town hall at least, holding signs with their ZIP codes on them as proof they weren’t bussed in.

Just a quick side note: saying that the protests were planned by liberal activists, such as the organizers of the Indivisible movement, is not the same as saying protesters were paid.

Very likely unpaid but almost certainly driven to Rep. Leonard Lance’s town hall against their consent were a pair of protest llamas that made for a good photo op Wednesday.

People on both sides of the political aisle certainly can agree that llamas are a fine addition to just about any event, the resistance seems to have adopted llamas and alpacas as their protest companion of choice, and they were a hit at Trump’s inauguration too.