As Twitchy reported, the organizers of the Indivisible movement, their partners, and the public who have been turning out out en masse to protest have ensured that rowdy gatherings at Republican town halls this recess are national news events carried live on cable news.

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton has joined in to troll GOP representatives from wherever it is she’s not running the country at the moment. Her fans ate it up, but critics couldn’t help but remind her of her own extended vacation from the press during campaign season, which led even her most devoted lapdogs to begin tallying up the hundreds of days since her last press conference.

America Rising co-founder Tim Miller, who keeps an eye on Democrats’ every move, is amused by the narrative that GOP legislators are the ones hiding from the voters.

How about it?

Ah yes, the “listening tour.” Maybe the DNC really should install Sally Boynton Brown as chair so she can oversee Democrat town halls and “shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”