Whether the massive turnout at GOP town halls truly is an organic, grassroots phenomenon or not, it has succeeded in making sure that not just the local but the national media is on hand to cover each and every one of them as a news event. But there’s a good reason:

As a result, Republican legislators are having their every word analyzed and critiqued on social media while Hillary Clinton trolls them from her rustic cabin in the woods outside Chappaqua. (Hopefully she learned from Huma not to share an Internet-connected laptop with her husband.)

By most accounts, there were 575 million people crammed into Sen. Tom Cotton’s town hall meeting Wednesday night, but one questioner caught the media’s attention: an adorable child had come to ask why Trump was insistent on dismantling the fine children’s programming on PBS to fund the border wall.

Normally we wouldn’t let a 7-year-old set the direction of the budget, but since he was adorable, we’ll allow it.

Must be the climate change in those parts, because not everyone melted at the prospect of “killing Big Bird” in front of an innocent child, even though members of Congress have been crying about it forever now.

Toby had better get to bed early if he’s going to be on all the cable news shows tomorrow morning to recount his experience.

* * *