President Donald Trump toured the National Museum of African American History and Culture Tuesday, a week after first lady Melania Trump visited the museum with Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israel’s prime minister.

CNN noted that Trump’s entourage Tuesday “did not include leaders from top African-American advocacy groups such as the NAACP or the National Urban League,” but rather “several of his campaign’s top black supporters and members of his administration.”

But … we were assured more than once that Trump didn’t have “several” black supporters and members of his administration. Weird.

However, it was up to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to convey to White House correspondent April Ryan just what the president gained from his morning tour of the museum. Was his response awkward? Pretty much.

Before criticizing Spicer, though, consider the question he was asked to address. Yes, Trump visited the physical building that is the museum, but did he also visit slavery?

The White House posted a transcript of Trump’s remarks at the museum; as crazy as it sounds, maybe there’s some clue in there about what he felt he gained personally from the visit.

Griswold reports at Mediaite that his tweet inspired someone else to ask Ryan herself what she meant, but apparently she’s off the clock today, leaving it up to the public to do their own research.

You’ll never find anything if you rely on White Google for your searches, silly.

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It took a while, but it looks like a volunteer dug up the quote that Ryan paraphrased into a question about slavery.