As Twitchy has reported, Republican legislators have been drawing bigger-than-usual crowds to their town halls since Donald Trump’s election, and those protests have been drawing plenty of press attention, such as when police escorted Rep. Tom McClintock to his car following a rowdy gathering in California.

Not all legislators are holding town halls, and they’re facing the heat on social media and elsewhere where they’re being called out as cowards. In Atlanta Tuesday, members of the resistance revived Clint Eastwood’s “Eastwooding” bit and set up empty chairs where they thought Sens. David Purdue and Johnny Isakson should have been.

Did these grassroots protesters have any idea their idea to hold their own town hall with empty chairs and alert the local media was exactly what Robert B. Reich suggested in his video for the “Indivisible” movement? (A cardboard cutout was another option.)

Rep. Buddy Carter did show up to his own town hall, which reporters described as “rowdy.”

But really, the public was sincerely appreciative that Carter did host a meeting where others didn’t.


If this is what democracy looks like, what was that whole thing where voters pulled the levers to put all of these legislators in office? Those Russians must have been busier than we all suspected.

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Hmm … we have no idea what the president’s going on about here.