The “utterly dumbfounded by live TV guest” look isn’t a good one (unless Tucker Carlson’s making the face), but NBC News’ Katy Tur moved in on Carlson’s territory Monday when Rep. Francis Rooney of Florida tried to transmit some information on the Obama administration’s cozy relationship with Russia.

We do need to cut Tur some slack here; Rooney screwed up the anecdote, recalling the time Obama leaned over to Putin and promised more flexibility once his reelection was in the bag. Actually, it was Dmitri Medvedev who was caught on a hot mic saying he’d “transmit this information to Vladimir.”

It’s possible that Tur was simply confused by the mix-up of Medvedev and Putin — so confused that it never occurred to her to correct Rooney. It’s also possible the time it took us to type this disclaimer was longer than the time most mainstream journalists waited before reporting that President Trump claimed there was a terrorist attack in Sweden Friday night.

That said, the video is terribly awkward to watch. It’s also a lot of fun.

Maybe an NBC News editor can clean up that little hiccup before it goes into the online archives.

* * *


Tur might not have heard Obama’s hot mic comment to Russia’s president, but she did catch wind of her slip-up making the rounds online.

Fair enough; this excuse sounds perfectly legitimate. However, if NBC News allowed this to be a teachable moment, they and other mainstream media outlets might understand why conservatives have had it with partisan posturing disguised as news.